Hadria Set

1. Measure your chest

With good posture, wrap a measuring tape under your arms around your back and take the measurement to the fullest part of your chest. Be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

2. Measure your waist

Our waist can be a difficult area to measure! The natural waistline is halfway between the lowest rib you can feel and the top, outside edge of the hip bone. One trick that might help you find this spot is to stand up straight and tilt over. Where your torso creases are where your waistline is.

Size USTop LenghtChest
XS | 2
S | 41782
M | 61886
L | 81990
XL | 102094
XXL | 12
Size USWaistSkirt Length
XS | 2
S | 46890
M | 67291
L | 87692
XL | 108093
XXL | 12
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